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Company History

VmP - Vertrieb medizinischer Produkte GmbH

In 2000, the current co-partner Andrea Thoene founded company VmP in Erkelenz, which was converted in 2001 into a limited liability company and its present name VmP-GmbH.

Besides the trade with disposables for the hospital, the division shifted in 2002 to the area of patient care dealing with medical compression stockings and bandages. In addition, various pratices in Germany were provided in-service and practical consiltations. After health insurance drastically changed the medical supply store pricing, VmP-GmbH restructured, and separated from the area of medical trade.

That change warranted the expansion of VmP into the sale of medical products in hospitals and wholesale operations. Whereby, we were able to garner exclusive contracts for the sale of medical products with the following companies:

- Megadyne

- Aspen

- Xodus

- Purple Surgical


These products are mainly disposables that are used in the OR department of medical facilities.


Long-term contracts with the U.S. Army Hospital Landstuhl secured future revenues for VmP GmbH. Steadily increasing sales and new customers required an expansion of personnel.

In 2006, the current shareholder Daniel and Mirjam Thoene began their traineeship in wholesale and foreign trade with the aim to enter the company. In the following years, additional training places have been created.

After sales stabilized, new divisions were established. This included the full supply of some university hospitals in the Netherlands. Additionally, VmP GmbH started supplying surgical products for the University Hospital in Groningen in January 2008. Further university hospitals were added later.


The realization of other pending transactions made an expansion of the storage capacitiy and the necessary staff and offices imperative. In April 2009, the comapny proudly moved into its new headquarters in Hueckelhoven.

2012 Daniel and Mirjam Thoene were added as shareholders in the firm.

The company has since expanded the range of services, offering free product training to customers and nursing schools. And adding repair and maintenance services by our own certified department for the electrosurgical generators we sale.


We would like to show you our products and services and welcome you as a valued customer so that you can see for yourself that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.