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  • ACE Blade

    Advanced Cutting Effect Blade

    This specially shaped cautery tip is designed specifically for electrosurgery. When used in conjunction with our mega power generator, this electrode provides fine and precise cutting, resulting in lower thermal damage and faster healing—much better than regular scalpel use. Convince yourself of the advantages that come with this unique electrode and ask us for a personal product demonstration.


    Megadyne: 25 YearsACE BLADESAFER THAN REM!

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    We provide high quality, innovative products,

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  • Product innovation

    The Megadyne Mega2000 Soft is a reusable patient return electrode that has been demonstrated to be safer than any other electrode available in the market. With more than 45 million applications worldwide since 1999, no patient injuries have been registered.  The Mega2000 Soft is environmentally friendly, very easy to use, reusable for up to 2 years and since no shaving is required and no skin irritations are caused, very patient friendly.

    ARCHEMED - Ärzte für Kinder in Not e.V.
    We support ARCHEMED and are proud of it.
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